Rodarté’s Rodeo Prom

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Enter the Biltmore Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. Your heels click-clack echo the expansive hallways with art deco molding and pastel painted ceilings. Walk down an elaborate staircase lined with Christmas decorations and turn left. Kirsten Dunst stumbles out of two double doors in a cowboy hat and rose-printed prairie dress. She’s laughing and clutching her friend’s hand, and you hear  country music inside. Lux Lisbon swirls and swings the door open wide enough for you to enter her Prom. Red, white, and black balloons line the ceiling. Fir trees, fake snow, and wagon wheels decorate the archways, staircases, and banisters. DJ Zach Cowie is playing “I got my blue jeans on.” You snag a sheriff badge from a centerpiece and dance the night away. You have a squirt gun filled with vodka, a friend in a poncho, and Paz de la Huerta looking at you funny when you start line dancing to Step In The Name Of Love. Rodarté Prom is magical, and you leave with balloons tied around your wrists, ready to float away.
Rodarte Prom 3 Rodarte Prom 4 Rodarte Prom 6Rodarte Prom 5 Rodarte Prom 7 Rodarte Prom 8 Rodarte Prom 9 Rodarte Prom 10 Rodarte Prom 11 Rodarte Prom 12 Rodarte Prom 13 Rodarte Prom 14 Rodarte Prom 15 Rodarte Prom 16 Rodarte Prom 17


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