New Moon In Pisces

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lifestyle, Photography

One day Arianne and Chebo wanted to watch the solar eclipse, so they went to Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.

1 queen of the gas station 2 car 3 queen of the gas station 4 on the fence 5 landscape 12 camaro

They took pictures of each other on Chebo’s Polaroid camera.

6 pictures 7 fire 8 chebo 9 chebo 2 10 Camaro 11 movie still

It was the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces, to be exact. But they didn’t see any eclipse.

And the lines to look into the large telescopes were too long. So they watched the sunset over Hollywood.

13 lynchian los angeles 14 out of focus

And they stumbled upon Arianne’s favorite model, Natasha Poly, doing a photoshoot.

15 natasha 1 16 natasha 2

When it got dark and cold, they went to El Chavo for margaritas with chips & guacamole.

17 gate18 chavo

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